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I’m so excited to start planning our session! Here is an overview of what we are going to go through, from the minute you book to when you want to get prints or make an album.My photoshoots are an opportunity to have fun with prints and colors, and really showcase your family’s style.

Booking a photographer for your portrait session or your next event should be clear, and easy… here’s an overview of my client process so that we can communicate clearly and easily and enjoy the entire process together!

  • If you’re interested in a session or hiring us for your next event, the best way to reach out is via Instagram or email!
  • Once we process the inquiry for your booking we accept a 50% deposit to secure your time slot.
  • The deposit is 50% of the total booking, and can be accepted via Venmo, Quickpay or a check made out to By Shelly Schmool.
  • Once we receive your deposit, we can confirm your booking and you are all set!

Once we are ready to shoot there are things you can do to come best prepared and make the most of our time together:

  • Bring multiple outfit options- we will of course guide you through what you wear based on our creative discussions but having options expands our opportunity to be creative and spontaneous on set
  • If we are shooting with children come prepared with snacks or little toys to entertain them with
  • Also for shooting with kids come prepared with a small bottle of hairspray, pins, bows, a brush, wipes, etc. to keep everything organized, neat and looking its best in front of the camera
  • Bring water and snacks!
  • Have hair and makeup done in advance- even the most natural glam makes all the difference in your photos whether you book a professional or do it yourself

Yay! We finished our session and everyone had the best time… now what?

From here we’re going to go over the photos and edit them to perfection. Expect your password protected gallery link within 3-4 weeks of your session or event. We share our client galleries via Shootproof, an easy platform for you to use, view, and store your photos!

Of course you’re going to want to do things with your photos like save them and share them, or download to order prints! You have the option to choose your favorite photos so that when you later want to go back you can quickly access the ones you marked as your favorites…

To choose your favorites:

  • Open up your gallery
  • Enter your gallery password
  • Tap on a photo to view
  • Press the star below the photo
  • You are going to be prompted to enter your email address two times, once as confirmation, once you do this it shouldn’t ask you again when accessing gallery from the same device
  • Freely scroll through the gallery further selecting images as favorites
  • To later view all of your favorites, go to the top of the gallery and next to the home icon, there should be the same star icon- click that to access all favorited photos

Benefits of choosing your favorite photos:

  • Friends and family can easily gift you prints or any photo products using the photos you love
  • I can see the photos you’ve selected making the process of designing your album easier
  • Quick access to photos you love most

When saving to your mobile device (iPhone), here is the best way to save them

To download:

  • Open up your gallery
  • Enter your gallery password
  • Tap on a photo to view
  • Press the download icon below the photo
  • Enter your email address (once you do this once it shouldn’t ask you again)
  • Press VIEW (not download)
  • When it loads, hold the photo down with your finger and the option to save to your photos should pop up
  • Save to phone

When downloading to your computer you can easily download an entire gallery, your selected favorites, or a single photo at a time. 

To download all of the photos from your session:

  • Open your gallery link 
  • Enter your gallery password
  • To the right side of the page you will see a download all icon. Select that.
  • Enter your email address
  • You will receive an email shortly with a link to download a zip file of your high resolution images. Check your email!

To place any print or album orders…

We offer a variety of different photo products as well, from albums to prints, to frame walls… choosing what to do with your photos is highly personal and depends on the nature of your pictures! What you choose to do with your wedding photos will be different than what you do with your maternity session photos in a few years. Our team is here to guide you through this process and help you do more with your photos!

For album orders…

  • Once you receive your gallery our team will direct you to begin the process of designing an album by choosing the style album you would like. A 50% deposit is required to begin the designing phase of the album. 
  • Once we receive your deposit, we will have you select your favorite photos from your gallery- which we can see from our back end of your gallery link.
  • Once you choose your favorite photos we can use your selected images to begin the initial draft design.
  • You can peruse up to 2 rounds of edits on the album
  • Should before incurring further designing fees on the final album balance, but will always have final approval on the project before ordering your product. 

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