Q+A With Sara Talias

We want to talk about how to look your best in your photo session. Our goal is to make your shoot feel as cohesive as possible through the location, outfit stylist, hair, makeup and bring everything together so that you’re getting the most out of it. We really want to focus on easy beauty hacks that can really go a long way so we brought in a very special guest Sara Talias to answer all of our questions. Sara is a makeup artist and works on everything from photoshoots to special events to weddings and she’s here to help you look your best in your photo session.



The week of your shoot it’s really important to hydrate your skin by drinking tons and tons of water, way more water than usual and moisturizing the skin on your face as well as your body so it looks really great the day of your shoot


Tip 2: What do I do if I get a breakout leading up to my session?

In the days leading up to your shoot if you get a breakout the best thing to do is make a paste out of baking soda and water and just apply it to the breakout for ten to fifteen minutes a day.


Tip 3: Sounds weird but try it!

Now this tip may sound a bit crazy but it’s actually a great idea to ice your face the day of your shoot. You can use just an ice pack or cold spoons after putting them in the freezer or an ice roller which you can get from amazon and ice your entire face. The ice will actually take out any swelling from your face and make you look really refreshed and awake and young in your pictures.


Tip 4: I’m booking a makeup artist for my session, what now?

If you booked a makeup artist for that day it’s really important to prepare them with all the details of the shoot so they can help pull the vision together. Tell them where the shoot is and show them what you’re wearing and what time of day you’re shooting as well as any inspiration pictures of how you want your makeup done.


Tip 5: Any suggestions if I want to do my makeup myself?

Dont forget to curl your lashes and add extra coats of mascara. If you know how to apply false lashes it really really makes a difference! Make sure to blend your foundation all the way down your neck and make sure there are no harsh lines.Using a big brush add your bronzer to your chest and shoulders if they are exposed during the shoot.


Tip 6: Give a little secret!

A tip that most people dont know if to add a drop of visine to both eyes right before your session to brighten them up.


Tip 7: Anything I should bring with me to the shoot?

Two important things to bring with you to your shoot are oil blotting papers in case you get oily or sweaty and your lipstick to touch up throughout.

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