Getting Creative at Home

We’ll say it again and again, location is everything, and sometimes the best way to shoot is in the comforts of your own home, where the setting is as organic as the family’s interaction with each other. During the cold winter months we’re all more inclined to keep indoors, and that works with changing it up with our session locations! What makes these sessions so special are the unique pieces of decor and design of any given room in your home, because no one else has it. There are different ways of getting creative with a home space, and we want to share them with you now as inspo for your upcoming fall and winter sessions!

  1. Cozy Under Covers 

Your bedroom is oftentimes the chillest and comfiest space in your home. There isn’t so much going on decor wise, so the bed and bedding are the main focus, which is easy however you style your home because the bedding can be either bold and really make your photos pop or super clean and white and keep them sleek and simple. 

Kicking it back, casual and cool on your bed wearing your most put together loungewear is a fun way to keep your photos more casual and organic too, if you’re not into anything too posed.

  1. Casual or Decked Out on the Couch

The living room is a great space for getting creative with posing. Where the bedroom makes for laid back loungewear, the living room is the space for utilizing the furniture and really bringing out your family’s sense of expression. If your living room is super modern, you can glam out.

If your couch is kind of comfy, throw on a pair of jeans with a sweater and keep the color palette the fun part.

There’s always a way to really pull the entire look together. Tie in elements of the decor with color accents, shoes, accessories, and more props.

  1. Candid in the Kitchen

During most of our sessions the kids are running around when not being bribed to smile with snacks, so we snap some shots for some fun candids of them zipping in and out of the kitchen with every candy or chip they can reach from the snack shelf. 

The kitchen became a location in itself where we let the kids run wild, climb up on the counter and find that they’re more willing to give mommy a small smoosh on the lips if they can stand on the counter chowing down a banana right after. It’s fun for the kids at least lol.

  1. Make an entrance – 

The entrance isn’t a space you consider when setting up a session in your home, but it’s really the subtle details like a table in the foyer or color of your front door that might bring out the matching undertones of someones accessories or totally match the family color palette. Design is crucial to curating a space for a session, but it’s always the slightest details that go the furthest.

  1. Feet Up on the Front Porch

Stepping right outside, whether its June or January, we find ourselves on the front porch of homes often. The front steps add nice dimension like the seating in your living room- plus, natural lighting always helps.

… and the open space allows for larger groups too!

  1. Also around but not In the house

Making the most of your home means using the outside too. Like the front porch, the front yard, backyard and little spots around your house can be so pretty but so subtle they go unrealized for their potential for a photo op. 

  1. Not into your decor at all? We can bring Jackie and Shelly Studios to you!

Sometimes less really is more, and if you aren’t into the idea of shooting around and with your decor we can bring our studio to your home and put up our backdrop and lighting for a blank canvas that brings 

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